What are believed to be rocks were thrown at a moving Halifax RCMP vehicle early Tuesday morning in North Preston, causing damage to the front windshield and doors.

RCMP spokesman Cpl. Joe Taplin said an officer was on patrol on Upper Governor Road near Nelson Whynder School when his vehicle was struck with what was believed to be rocks just after midnight.

Taplin said the car was struck three times. One of the objects hit the car’s windshield, one the passenger door and another the driver’s side door.


Taplin called these actions “extremely dangerous.”

“Especially when our officers are patrolling the community for their safety,” Taplin said. “It is a huge safety issue.”

Taplin said similar incidents have happened in the North Preston area. He said this was not an attack upon the officer, but the car itself. The officer was not injured.

There are no suspects, but police are urging community members to come forward with any information they may have.

Anyone with information can contact the Halifax RCMP office, Halifax Regional Police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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