After hearing hours of opposition from Springbank residents, the MD of Rocky View council denied a concept proposal Tuesday for Bingham Crossing, a development planned for the area.

Both the motion to build the development and the changes to the community plan that would allow it were denied.

Debate on the two proposals lasted from 1:30 until 11:15 p.m. last night, with 36 people speaking in opposition and five in support.

“At the end of the day with so much community input and a lack of two-way communication, they had no choice but to throw out their plans,” said resident Doug Bulger.

“We people are open to having a more up-to-date area structure plan,” said Bulger. “But we are looking for something that’s more community driven.”

“Personally I’m happy about the outcome,” said Teryn Egger. “I know it wouldn’t fit in with the Springbank lifestyle.”

She said the decision sends a message to developers “that the community of Springbank has a particularly strong voice and a lot to say in opposition of all these new development plans,” and that future developers will have to win favour with residents.

After repeated attempts to try to reach the developer, they were unable to comment on where the project will go from here.

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