It’s a lot cooler in real life.

Tina Frascarelli came all the way from Montreal to experience the Calgary Stampede for the first time and the first thing she did was attend the rodeo and chuck wagons — a big draw for thousands of fans.

“I’ve always watched it on television but never in person so this is definitely the highlight for me. I think this is the main attraction I wanted to see here,” she said as she took photos and video with her phone.

“I like my seats, and I’m here with friends so it’s a lot of fun. We had some problems getting our tickets but it all worked out in the end.”

Frascarelli’s friend escorted her for her first time around the Stampede and also ensured she tried all the food — especially the lemonade, pizza and corn dogs.

“It’s my first time so I want to make sure I see and do as much as I can. I even bought a hat and shirt for the occasion.”

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