To start the week, mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi proposed building an eight-kilometre expressway tunnel beneath Toronto.

Thursday, on a less controversial note, he proposed a suggestion box.

Calling city hall “deaf” to the ideas of Toronto citizens, Rossi announced his plan to create a Toronto Good Ideas Foundation — or “TGIF” — huddled under a tent in the pouring rain across from the island airport at a small news conference.

“This may be new at city hall, but it’s not new in the real world,” Rossi said.

Along with a suggestion box at city hall, Rossi’s TGIF would also have a website, where people can submit their ideas.

“I say that the best ideas come from the ordinary Torontonians, the front-line workers, who understand the problems that are facing our city because they live them each and every day.”

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