Toronto needs recall legislation so disgruntled voters can fire their mayor or councillors before the end of their four-year-term, says mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi.

Rossi said yesterday morning that, if elected Oct. 25, he will ask the Ontario government to pass the legislation enabling recall votes for Toronto.

British Columbia is the only province in Canada that has a recall law, similar to those that exist in some U.S. states. A petition is started by a registered voter and, after a decreed number of signatures is reached, a vote can be held to remove a politician from office.

Citing the anger many voters have expressed at city hall and Mayor David Miller’s left-leaning council, Rossi said recall is one way to stop handing a mayor and councillors a “blank cheque” to do what they want for four years.

He vowed to have a plan to the province within six months of taking office.

Rossi had no details on how the recall would be implemented for Toronto, saying the threshold for a vote is all-important, and would be set only after town hall meetings and other consultation with Torontonians.