Femalefirst.co.uk is alleging that Mickey Rourke may have taken steroids for his role in The Wrestler, quoting a magazine article as proof.

The website alleges the actor has revealed he piled on the pounds for his role as Randy (The Ram) Robinson in the acclaimed movie — which earned him a Golden Globe award on Sunday — by eating up to seven meals a day and training hard with an Israeli cage fighter.

But the website adds Rourke may have had additional help creating his hulking physique. When asked if he used steroids to bulk up, Rourke told Men’s Journal magazine: “When I’m a wrestler, I behave like a wrestler,” the website alleges as proof.

The twice-divorced actor recently admitted he could empathize with his character’s struggles because of his own turbulent life.

Rourke — who spent 15 years in the Hollywood wilderness — said: “Randy has been in the twilight of his career for several years. He thinks he has one more game in him — one more shot. He wants to come back again.

“I know what that feels like. Randy was somebody 20 years ago and so was Mickey Rourke. When you used to be a somebody and you aren’t anybody anymore, you live in what my doctor calls a state of shame. Hollywood is a very unforgiving place, but I took a nosedive all by myself, no one pushed me.”