Mickey Rourke paid a bizarre tribute to actor pal Eric Roberts at the Independent Spirit Awards — urging filmmakers to give him a chance and cast him in movies, femalefirst.co.uk reports.

After taking to the stage to collect the best male prize for his role in the Wrestler, Rourke addressed Roberts in the crowd.

Referring to his own dramatic comeback, he begged directors to give Roberts — his co-star in 1984 movie The Pope of Greenwich Village and 2002’s Spun — a similar second shot at fame.

“I just want to say one thing about Eric Roberts. Eric Roberts is probably the best actor I have ever worked with. I don’t know why, in the last 15 years, no one has given him the chance to show his s—t again,” he said.

Rourke then alluded to Roberts’ 1987 arrest for harassing a woman and striking a police officer, by adding, “Whatever he did 15, 20 years ago should be forgiven.

“He deserves, like I got, a second chance.”