Since its birth in the early 1990s, Roxy has become widely known for surf-wear, beachwear and casual clothes that are hip and relaxed. With a new line of workout gear, Roxy has taken another step towards keeping active girls looking great.

With fun, bright colours and sleek lines, the designs are filling an ever growing need for women to have workout clothes that look as good as their regular wardrobe. Pinks, purples and bright greens are the first thing that captures the eye, but the finer details are what make the line really stand out for women who take exercise seriously.

The non-chafing seams in all of the clothes ensure skin irritations won’t bother you, even on a long run, zipper pulls stay flat to your hoodies, and thumb-holes in the cuffs will help keep your hands warm. The sweat-proof media pockets in hoodies and tank tops, give your iPod a safe place for long workouts.

The Athletix line, launched in stores in the U.S., is still working its way to Canada. However, Canadian customers can purchase the collection online at Prices in American dollars are reasonable, ranging from $34 to $42 for a sports bra, and $42 to $58 for yoga pants and capris.