The Yaletown Grand Prix is becoming a premier Canada Day event for local bike riders, but organizers wanted to throw in a wrinkle in 2009.

While hundreds of spectators lined the streets between Davie and Nelson hoping to see bikes whiz by, they might’ve been caught off guard.

“Between a couple of the cycling races we clear the course and we do a five-lap race for runners,” said Paul Done, event director of the Yaletown Grand Prix.

“When people go to watch a (marathon), what happens is they see the leaders and people go by once,” Done said.

“They never get a sense of the racing. What we’re trying to accomplish with this is we’re able to show them people racing because they come past multiple times, and we think that’s a completely different idea and hopefully something people will really enjoy.”

About 250 riders took part in the annual event. Regardless of whether people are running or biking, Done said that the event is good for gaining exposure.

“For the sport of cycling, having downtown events that attract a lot of casual fans creates a lot of energy around the sport,” he said.

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