The fastest Canadian in last year’s Ottawa Race Weekend marathon
will also be raising some “quick” money for his favourite charity.

McInnes has raised more than $3,000 for the Ottawa Hospital Foundation,
which benefits the hospital where he works as a radiologist, and he’s
also looking for a personal payoff by improving his best time and again
ending as the top Canadian in Sunday’s marathon, which will attract
about 3,700 people.

“It’s a win-win situation,” said McInnes. “It’s an additional fun reason to run the race.”


of Canada’s top marathoners, McInnes hopes to shave three minutes off
his best-ever marathon time of two hours and 17 minutes.

only three minutes, but it’s the difference between a good race and a
mediocre one, said McInnes. This will be his seventh marathon and his
fourth time competing in the race weekend.

“The great thing
about the Ottawa Marathon is it’s not such a big event that you get
lost in the crowd like in the Chicago or Boston Marathon,” McInnes
said. “And the course is beautiful. It really showcases the city. And
the crowd support is phenomenal. It’s my favourite marathon course.”

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