Not many people do it, but it’s possible to commute to work on a bicycle year round. You just have to be dressed for it.

“It is a really viable alternative,” said city spokesman Michael Fitzpatrick, who biked to work every day last winter.

Yesterday, in recognition of Clean Air Day in Ottawa, residents got a glimpse of what the cool urban cyclists could be wearing this summer at the Vélo Vogue fashion show.

Only 1.7 per cent of Ottawa residents ride their bicycles to work on a good day, but Capital Ward Coun. Clive Doucet insists that with proper investment in cycling infrastructure, that number could change to 27 per cent.

“It takes public investment in bicycle lanes, bridges and signage,” said Doucet. “We need to create a city where hopping on a bicycle is as easy as hopping in a car. We need many more bike lanes.”

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