The sounds of whistles, balls hitting the glass and the exuberant shouts of 80 young lacrosse players have been heard since Monday at Leduc Recreation Centre, thanks to the Edmonton Rush’s training camp for young players.

“It’s really just about generating some interest in the game and some interest in our team,” said Brody Merrill of the Edmonton Rush.

“Really just helping some young lacrosse players become players.”

This year is the team’s first time holding the training camp, and 80 kids were signed up to play with the capital city’s finest players. Also present were Jimmy Quinlan, Ryan Ward and Gavin Prout.

“I think overall, it’s in a relatively new lacrosse market,” Merrill said.

“We want to get kids hooked on the game, and so we’re just trying to have some fun out here and teach them some new things.”

Owen Fournier, an aspiring young lacrosse player, has been playing the game for three years, and has been having a good time learning with the professionals.

“It’s fun, I like it,” Fournier said.“Some of my friends are here. I like it.”

According to Merrill, the sport is gaining popularity among youngsters quickly.

“You know what, it’s getting much more popular,” Merrill said.

“It’s really growing, especially in this area and across North America.

“Even in my time in the game, you can see tremendous growth, so it’s a really exciting time for the game,” said Merrill.