Cam Russell could make a decision today on his coaching future with the Halifax Mooseheads.

Russell, who was cast aside as head coach last week when majority owner Bobby Smith decided to step behind the bench, is scheduled to meet with Smith to discuss his options.

He has taken the past week off to let the personnel changes sink in, but has already decided to stay on as general manager.

“He’s given me a few different options that we’re both throwing around,” said Russell, who spent 290 games as head coach.

“It’s all up in the air right now. It has to work for everybody and I have to feel comfortable.”

Russell has been offered a role as a full-time assistant, but another possibility — perhaps more likely — is an advisory role that would involve working with the defence in practices but not going behind the bench.

As for the general manager’s job, which he assumed in January 2009, he’s happy to stick with it.

“That’s business as usual,” he said.

“I like building a hockey team, scouting players, watching the players ... It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it.”

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