The recession isn’t slowing down Edmontonians who want to purchase a new travel toy at the RV Show and Sale.

“I think this is a lifestyle that a lot of people aren’t giving up,” said Wayne Sorochan, a sales associate for Carefree Coach & RV. He believes people are going to buy what they want now, as well as in the coming years.

“Even if we had a five per cent unemployment rate, we’ve got a 95 per cent employment rate,” said Ken Friedenberg, general manager of ArrKann Trailer & RV Centre.

“The bottom five per cent aren’t people who are consumers of recreation vehicles anyhow.”

Brandi Enns, a visitor to the Northlands Agricom, is keeping affordability in mind, but thinks living in Alberta makes a huge difference.

“Down in the States, they are far more concerned about it; we just got back from holidays down there,” said Enns. “It hasn’t hit us yet.”

According to the show numbers from last night, attendance had increased by approximately 2,000 people since last year.