Name: The Ryde (from left, Tim Shaw, Andrew Roudny, Boris Nowak and Jeff Johnson)

They’ve shared a rock fest bill with such acts as Alannah Myles, Helix and Heart, and have even chugged wine backstage with Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe. Though they haven’t exactly hit the big time yet, The Ryde isn’t shifting gears from their musical calling anytime soon.

The band was formed by buddies jamming away for fun in a basement 12 years ago. After a rotation of members, the band decided to get serious in 2003.


The group was solidified with Tim Shaw on lead vocals and rhythm guitar (day job: Pharmacy supervisor); Boris Novak on bass and backup vocals (day job: Operations manager); Andrew Roudny on lead guitar (day job: Construction); and Jeff Johnson on drums (day job: Sales manager)

Thunder Bay was given the wave good-bye and Toronto the high-five. With the help of a corporate grant from, the band released its debut CD in 2006, a self-produced effort which managed to rise above the red sales-wise. “I think we’ve passed the stage of struggling musicians,” says Novak.

“When we moved to Toronto we had nothing, but we’ve worked our way to gaining the respect of rock clubs and fans.” And those fans stick by them even when it means waiting in a packed Lee’s Palace till 2 a.m. to hear them fire up the stage as they did two Saturdays ago as part of Canadian Music Week.

The Ryde plans to release its second album via iTunes and Napster this spring.

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