Available in wagon (SportCombi) and sedan configurations, the most recent Saab 9-5 benefitted from a loyal but niche owners community who bought the machine largely for its distinctive character, refinement and exclusivity.

This isn’t a car you’ll see every day. The latest complete generation of the Saab 9-5 was available to Canadian shoppers from model years 2006 to 2009.


All models were powered by a 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine with turbocharger, which generated 260 horsepower. Transmissions were all five-speed units in the driver’s choice of manual or automatic.

What owners like

Many online 9-5 drivers have numerous positive things to say about their rides. Styling, mileage, refinement, ride quality, handling and spaciousness are all highly rated.


What owners dislike

Complaints centre around rattles as the vehicle ages, a lack of cupholders and a “cheap” feel to some of the vehicle — including the doors. Easily-marked plastic surfaces within the cabin are also noted.

Common issues

Pop the hood and check the condition of the 9-5’s engine oil.

Numerous owners have reported engine failure as a result of oil sludge — a problem which could be amplified if the factory oil-change schedule wasn’t adhered to.

Sputtering acceleration or lumpy power delivery at moderate or full throttle could be the result of a problem with an ignition system component.


The 9-5 has a list of issues to be aware of — though many an owner say these are far outweighed by a great driving experience, generous performance and overall comfort. A dealer-serviced 9-5 with proof of frequent oil-changes and remaining warranty is your safest bet.

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