Re: "Stephen Harper’s the resistant one — Reader’s letter," Mar. 28:


Prime Minister Stephen Harper acknowledged Canadians won’t support a plan that reduces our standard of living and he is correct. Would you praise a prime minister who spreads poverty in the name of conservation?


If one can live without the apparent surpluses of money we all have, then donate the money yourself. I can barely afford rent in Toronto as it is, and with more taxes coming from the municipal government the only people who won’t feel that as hard as I am are families.


Our living standard has less to do with out environment and more to do with how well we have access to essential services.


I’m not saying that change isn’t necessary, far from it — I believe it is crucial, but not at the expense of our economy.

You know who suffers first in economic downturns? It’s not the rich, it’s the poor. History has taught us that from the great depression in the ’20s until today, all over the world.

Sacrifices are needed but they should be personal and not legislated.