Re: "You’re pregnant, not an invalid" reader’s letter, Feb. 16:


Perhaps Zarmeena James needs to take a step back and look at why there is priority seating for the elderly and handicapped.


These persons may have safety concerns with regards to stability. Let’s face it, bus rides can get very bumpy due to road conditions and traffic problems.


A pregnant woman has the same stability issue. As pregnant women know, our sense of stability changes, increasing the risk of falls.


As with the elderly and disabled, this instability poses a threat to their personal health and safety.

A pregnant woman, however, has two (or more) lives to safeguard.

Having worked shifts I understand how tiring it can be, but being a labour and delivery nurse, I have seen the traumatic results of premature deliveries.

It’s sad that you see advocating for the safety of children as "whining."