Driving for Change highlights risks of emergency workers




Putting fundraising efforts into fifth gear, the John Petropoulos Memorial Fund launched its Driving for Change campaign yesterday.


Driving for Change is a fundraising and awareness campaign aimed at promoting safety for emergency service workers and workplace safety.

Safety campaign manager Ian Wilson told Metro the JPMF toured Alberta yesterday promoting workplace safety awareness and protection of emergency service personnel with the goal of raising $300,000.

"We just want people to pay attention and ease up on the pedal when passing emergency workers on the road. It’s important because they are out there looking out for us, we need to look out for them," Wilson said.

Wilson said motorists should slow down to 60 km/h when passing emergency vehicles on the side of the road, noting a 2007 incident when Const. Adrian Chong was hit during a traffic stop on the Deerfoot Trail.

"He is a living example of why we’re doing this. It’s not a lot to ask for motorists to slow down and pay attention."

The campaign has raised $18,000 already.

The JPMF is a non-profit agency created in the name of Const. John Petropoulos of the police service who died on duty after falling through a ceiling at a warehouse during a call.