A plan to have the Queen officially open the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo this summer has been scuttled by concerns over the elderly monarch’s safety.

Ian Fraser, director of the popular annual event, told CTV the Queen’s advance team visited the province last summer and again in January to consider her attendance at the tattoo.

The team suggested the Queen go on stage to officially open the event, but tattoo officials didn’t think it would be safe for the 83-year-old monarch to negotiate a curving stairway.

“It’s a theatrical stage, it’s not the same as the steps in your home,” said Fraser.

He said federal officials insisted the Queen go on stage but left the final decision to the province.

Tattoo chair Alan Abraham wrote a letter earlier this month to Premier Darrell Dexter’s chief of staff to state the tattoo’s opposition to the proposal.

“For safety reasons, we cannot and will not permit that,” Abraham said in the letter.

Fraser said the tattoo offered the province “six or eight” options to the Queen going on stage, but none was accepted by the province’s chief protocol officer.

As a result, Fraser said the Queen won’t attend the tattoo during her visit to the province.