Oliver Hansen is far from Denmark, but Halifax offers two things that hit home — beer and World Cup action.

“Denmark is playing today and I’m pretty sad I can’t see the game,” said Hansen on duty aboard the HDMS Absalon Thursday. “But I want to see some matches on the weekend and go to a few bars and have some fun.”

Hansen is one of more than 5,000 sailors in Halifax for the International Fleet Review. He’s also one of many visitors who will be hitting the town over the weekend.

“I’m excited to see Halifax,” said the 24-year-old. “It’s my first time in Halifax. We’re here for a week and it will be fun to see what Halifax has in store.”

Cmdr. Peter M. Dannerfjord, 42, is more interested in Maritime cuisine.

“I’d like to go out and get lobster,” he said on deck of the Absalon. “Lobster is ... very cheap here and I like it. This is the place to eat lobster, I guess.”

The Absalon, a support ship, is five years old and one of the newest ships visiting Halifax this week for the review. The 137-metre-long ship has a crew of around 120 and has unique arching structures to avoid being detected on radar.

The FGS Karlsruhe from Germany also made its way into the harbour yesterday. The vessel can support two Sea Lynx aircrafts, one helicopter and carries around 220 sailors, according to a press release.

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