Sailors in town for the tall ships festival will be busy the next few days, and that’s not just for tours or doing work on their boats.

The organizers of this year’s festival have planned events for the crews to make sure they have fun while staying in the city.

During the festival, the sailors from the roughly 40 tall ships will have a chance to play sports like soccer and will even go cosmic bowling.


“We are going to a museum (too),” added Jean Philippe, a cadet from the French naval free force. “We will work, but we will play sports and do a lot (of) other things.”

Large crowds on the waterfront Thursday were busy watching sailors at work, cleaning their ships after arriving in the harbour.

People also stopped to talk to the sailors, including Philippe and his other French cadets. They were standing outside of their two training ships - Belle Poule and Etoile - in uniform poising for photos and answering questions.

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