Choosing which university to go to is a serious (and usually expensive) decision, so it’s important students be sure they’ve made the right choice.

To help with this process, those interested in studying commerce at Saint Mary’s University’s Sobey School of Business can attend an open house at the school on Friday.

“One of the best ways to get to know a school is by actually visiting it,” says Jenny Calder, a student recruitment officer at the University. “Saint Mary’s has such a close-knit comfortable campus where we’re located on one city block, and I think until you actually get to the campus, it’s hard to imagine that feel. But once you actually see it, you can imagine yourself walking around actually going to class there, living there.”


One of the most interesting parts of this open house will be that students can find out on the spot if they are accepted. All they need to do is bring a transcript and a completed application.

“Then they can actually sit down with the admissions office and actually go over their status and their applications and speak to someone as they do it and get accepted on the spot,” says Calder.

The normal $40 application fee will be waived when students apply on the spot.

At the open house, students will be able to meet with professors, students and alumni to see what the school offers.

“They’ll also get to learn about some of the details of the program, (such as) the study abroad options, the co-op and how those work and some of the best ways to get the most out of their degree,” says Calder.

The Sobey School of Business currently has about 2,500 students enrolled, with 700 of those being first-year students. This open house will mark the third and final one this year. The arts and sciences faculties had open houses earlier in the year.

Students are encouraged to pre-register for the open house at, but it isn’t a requirement. Interested students who can’t attend the open house can still go on regularly scheduled campus tours. Tours with customized times can also be arranged.

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