Turn excess stuff into cash

Call it “buyer’s remorse” if you’d like. Most people have experienced it at one time or another. It’s that feeling when you bought something unnecessary. I often see “delayed buyer’s remorse.”


This is when you group all like items and figure out you have multiples of everything. It’s frustrating when you have purchased items you already have, but couldn’t find because of disorganization.


A great way to turn that remorse into cash is to resell your items. EBay is one option. EBay says on average, “Canadians have more than $1,500 worth of unused items in their home.” However, if selling online is not your thang, there are “buy and sell” magazines, auctions, or resale stores.


And for those of you who are interested in the “garage sale” technique, let this be your warning, DON’T! So many of my clients have the best of intentions to have the summer garage sale. They save everything and store it in the basement. Years pass with that junk still in the basement because they didn’t have the time or the energy. However, if you insist on having that garage sale, have fun with it — sell drinks. Take the remaining good condition items to a charity instead of putting it back in the basement.


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