Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is water-resistant, but the Note 7 wasn't fire-proof.Samsung

While you were working…

The NAACP is protesting President-elect Trump’s pick for attorney general. "Senator [Jeff] Sessions has callously ignored the reality of voter suppression but zealously prosecuted innocent civil rights leaders on trumped-up charges of voter fraud," NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks said.

Megyn Kelly – post-Trump feud, post-Roger Ailes allegations – ismoving on… to NBC?

Massachusetts might be dragging its heels butMaine is readyto puff, puff, pass.

To be clear, Ford is not adding jobs in America because Trump ragged on the car industry,according to this report.

Ever wish you could seeall 44 U.S. presidents’ wax figures along with their waxy first ladies? You wish can come true, but time is running out.

Instead of dissing someone by saying, “It looks like a Crayola factory blew up on her face,”Clinique wants you to actually take a Crayolato your countenance.

A parent's nightmare! A dresser fellon top of a toddler, buthis twin cameto the rescue.

That second eaglet is taking its sweet time! We’re still waiting and watching for thenew arrival to peck its way out of its shell.

After exploding phones and washing machines, Samsung needs a win and it appears the Note7 debacle was a learning curve.Will the Galaxy S8 be a booty-hugging model?

We all know cellphones are cesspools of fecal germs, right? And we all know some people (you know who you are), TWT — text while toileting). Now, in Japan,you can wipe before you swipe!

Howinfested with bed bugsis your city?



In other things that might make your skin crawl, RATS! Animal control officers haveremoved 50 ratsfrom an antique store in a Long Island strip mall.

APhiladelphia police officer is under investigationafter a video surfaced that appears to show the officer punching a teenager.

Aninmate on the loose has evaded policein Massachusetts.

ABrooklyn councilman is looking to hirea communications director that will “resist the injustice, hatred, and corruption posed by the Trump regime.”

It’s not just a movie anymore.“Hunger Games” inspireda reality TVshow that will be broadcast from the Siberian forest.

Gay slurs don’t play with Ellen DeGeneres andKim Burrell won’t play on “Ellen” after referring to “that perverted homosexual spirit”in a sermon she delivered via Facebook Live.

Here’s the list ofCoachella 2017 performers.

Congratulations to Janet, Miss Jackson if ya nasty! She probably won't get "No Sleep" now—she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

The Gronk has gone animated! ThePats player is scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of “The Simpsons.”

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