Screenshot from Samsung's original tweet. Credit: Twitter, @SamsungMobileUS

Last week, Samsung released its latest mobile device – the Galaxy S8. The company later posted an image to Twitter to encourage everyone to share the first photo it took with the camera.

Like most loyal fans, new owners of Samsung’s latest release shared photos taken with their new mobile device. Many people shared photos of street scenes or their pets or other normal things. One guy snapped a photo of himself on the side of a mountain during a hiking trip.

A kid named Edward on Twitter thought it would be a great idea to troll Samsung with what he thought was a funny response to Samsung’s photo request. In a swift Twitter reply, Edward wrote, “It was a d--- pic”


Instead of just letting Edward’s silly tweet slide, Samsung decided to come back with its own simple and effective response:

Of course people on Twitter lost it and began chiming in with their own reactions to Samsung’s tweet, including this guy, who apparently lost all control of himself based on this animated .GIF:

This clever Twitter user things Samsung is a savage for their reply and posted this Macho Man Randy Savage-inspired meme:

Some Twitter users said they were switching to Samsung.

Of course Samsung approved.

This is why it’s important to have someone quick-witted running a brand’s social media account. With one simple reply, Samsung’s tweet was retweeted by over 14,000 people and has received 24,000 likes. The company also seemed to have gained some new followers as well. In case you’re wondering how Edward was taking all of this, there’s nothing to worry about. In an interview with Buzzfeed, he let them know he wrote the tweet “just to mess around,” and wanted a few people to see his tweet and like it.

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