Re: Police assist coroner investigating death of Whitby hockey player

It makes me sick inside that a family has lost a son due to the barbaric allowance of fighting in hockey. What I find totally offensive is the polarization of this ongoing debate in regards to the inclusion of fighting as part of Canada’s game.

The usual suspects in the media have already come to the forefront that defend the need for fights in hockey and have attempted to eulogize the death of 21-year-old Don Sanderson as a freak result of an inherent danger linked with this sport. Those in the media who support fighting in hockey can rationalize all they want in regards to the odds of losing ones life in a hockey fight but in the end there are more than enough examples of NHL players who have had their careers cut short and their quality of life affected to demonstrate the stupidity of allowing fights.

The passing of Don Sanderson could bring common sense to the issue of safety in the only major sport that allows this kind of sanctioned violence.