Apparently, you don’t mess with the guy who claims to have originally come up with the idea for your movie.

The author of a 2003 webzine, 2005 comic book and 2007 novel all titled The Hair-Raising Adventures Of Jayms Blonde has launched a legal salvo against Adam Sandler, seeking to halt the June 6 release of Don’t Mess With The Zohan, E! News Online reports.

Ellis J. Pailet, a Louisiana attorney who represents author Robert W. Cabell, sent a cease-and-desist letter earlier this month to the comedian’s camp, accusing Team Sandler of ripping off his client’s ideas and threatening a full-blown lawsuit.

Sandler’s publicist, Cindi Guagenti, declined to discuss the claims or potential litigation. “We don’t comment on lawsuits, especially ones without merit,” she said.

Pailet notes in a May 8 letter: “Your transformation of our client’s gay character into your heterosexual character is not a fair use.”