Stuart Smith’s gift-wrapping tips: Avoid windy days, watch out for bushes, use lots of duct tape.

The results may not be perfect, but they sure make a house look pretty. And that was the idea when Smith, an Oshawa realtor, covered a client’s new home in gold and silver paper Saturday.

“Wow, it looks like something out of Star Trek,” said John Cannito, 30, admiring his purchase. “This is pretty surprising. Santa came early.”

The wrapping, finished off with red ribbon made from plastic tablecloths, was a fitting conclusion to Cannito’s search for a property, said Smith, who did his homework by stockpiling waste-bound ends of rolls from a paper company and recruiting helpers.

But it turns out there are far more corners on a house than on a shoebox, Smith found, especially when it’s a 1,700-square-foot backsplit with doors, windows, nooks and crannies.

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