It might not be so merry a Christmas for those counting on Santa’s Anonymous for presents under the tree this year.

It was announced this week that the flow of toys to the organization’s warehouse has completely dried up.

Currently there are enough toys to provide for just over 13,000 children while there are, on average, 25,000 less fortunate children who benefit from the program each and every festive season.

“Many of our volunteers have told us they haven’t seen it this bleak in years,” said Lana Nordlund, executive director.

The Grey Cup festivities captured the attention of the city shortly after this year’s campaign got underway on Nov. 15, and Nordlund thought once the hoopla died down the program would take off.

“We just don’t understand,” she said. “We’re just baffled as to what’s going on, or rather what’s not going on.”

The warehouse is still brimming with volunteers but the boxes usually piled high with toys are nearly empty, with only a few lonely ones rattling around in the bottom.

One box is full of Barbies, but Nordlund said essentially everything else is needed.

Usually there is a higher need for something for those over the age of nine or under the age of two.

“But at this point we need everything,” said Nordlund.

Deliveries will be made on Dec. 18 and 19, meaning more than 12,000 presents need to be collected, sorted and wrapped in the next 10 days.

Donation boxes are located throughout the city and will remain out until Dec. 23 if the need isn’t met by the delivery date.

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