Santa took the reins of a Telus corporate jet turned into a make-shift sleigh yesterday, giving a few kids a sleigh ride to remember.

Lifelong memories were created for 23 families residing at the Ronald McDonald House as they were chaperoned on the private jet for a sightseeing tour of the city from above, according to Telus’s Josh Blaine.

“It’s really all about creating wonderful memories for these families to experience the thrill ride of a lifetime. I think it really built a nice family moment,” he said.

Robinson siblings Shawn, 13, and Taylor, 16 agreed after they enjoyed the 45-minute flight around the city.

“I was nervous but it was pretty cool. I saw the clouds and the city and mountains,” first-time flyer Shawn said.

Neil Jesske and his four-year-old son especially enjoyed the trip together.

“It’s nice to be able to see things through his eyes and the things that make him excited and bring him joy,” the father said.

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