Here we go: the National Enquirer is reporting a love affair including a national-level politician again.

And once again: will anyone believe it? Well, it will supposedly be in a new biography of Sarah Palin by an author named Joe McGinniss.

The steamy meeting — between Palin and former NBA sharpshooter Glen Rice. It supposedly occurred one fateful night in 1987 when Rice visited Alaska while playing for the University of Michigan basketball team and Palin was covering a tournament called the Great Alaska Shootout for a local television station.

Alas, Alaska doesn't have the same mantra as Las Vegas because the six-foot seven-inch small forward Rice reportedly confirmed to McGinniss in the forthcoming book that he did in fact do the deed with Palin, this all according to the National Enquirer.


Not surprisingly, numerous popular web sites have already run with the report — add to the list — though some have shown deserved skepticism.

Either way, we'll have to wait and see if this story has any legs — other than the four belonging to Palin and Rice, of course.

Update: McGinniss started his journalism career back in the 1960s, working at both the Philadelphia Bulletin and Inquirer before moving on to books after an early success chronicling Richard Nixon's presidency. He also is the same guy you may have heard about a couple years ago when he rented a house in Wasilla — Palin's hometown — directly next to the Palin home.

McGinniss then made some comments about Palin, who objected to his moving in next door for the purpose of writing a book, that no matter how you feel about Palin would make you think twice about earnestness of the book McGinniss hoped to write. Here's video of McGinniss' comments on the Today show in 2010:

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