REGINA - The name of a Calgary Herald reporter killed while on assignment in Afghanistan is being added to a plaque at the Saskatchewan War Memorial.

Michelle Lang, who was 34, died Dec. 30 along with four Canadian soldiers when their armoured vehicle hit an improvised explosive device south of Kandahar city.

The award-winning journalist worked at the Regina Leader-Post during her career and is being added to the memorial along with former Regina resident Lieut. Andrew Nuttall and Lieut. Justin Boyes, of Saskatoon.

The two soldiers were killed in separate roadside bomb attacks last year.

Lang was the first Canadian journalist killed in Afghanistan since the Canadian mission began there in 2002.

Lloyd Jones, chairman of the memorial selection committee, says he had no problem adding the name of a civilian to the monument.

"From time to time as the names come up from the Afghanistan casualties we add them on," Jones says.

"I think anyone who loses their lives even in that type of capacity is worthy of recognition. Sometimes I think we forget about the people who are not necessarily in uniform but they contribute to the highest extent that they are able to."

Lang died along with Sgt. George Miok, 28 and Cpl. Zachery McCormack, 21, both of Edmonton, Sgt. Kirk Taylor, 28, of Yarmouth, N.S., and Pte. Garrett Chidley, 21, of Cambridge, Ont.

Gen. Walt Natynczyk will unveil the new names on Oct. 23.

A plague with her name and likeness is already on the cenotaph at Kandahar Airfield.