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There’s a slightly weird but sweet logic to Red Tent Sisters, a uniqueshop at 810 Danforth Ave., east of Pape, that recently opened shop.

There’s a slightly weird but sweet logic to Red Tent Sisters, a unique shop at 810 Danforth?Ave., east of Pape, that recently opened shop.

It’s a store based on a fact of life: it’s not so far from a gleam in the eye to bathing the baby.

At Red Tent Sisters, it’s the distance between two shop windows, one showcasing sex toys and the other featuring baby goods.

Styled as “a store for all your sexual, reproductive and fertility needs,” sibling owners Amy and Kimberley Sedgwick offer everything “for the female sex.”

“Sexuality, fertility, pregnancy, child-rearing,” explains Kimberley, 23, a recent King’s College Dalhousie grad who majored in women’s studies. “Our hope is to reach women across the menstrual cycle and beyond.

“We might be the only store doing it, “ she says, about selling both baby goods and sex toys. “My sister and I were concerned about it at first but people coming into the store feel quite comfortable with it.”

A sign on the door warns parents with young children that adult toys are displayed on a shelf well above little ones’ eye level.

A toy and books for children are on the floor below those shelves.

The sisters considered placing the vibrators and adult sex toys in a separate, private area but, says Amy, “We didn’t want it to be shameful. This is about embracing our sexuality in a positive way and knowing that you can satisfy yourself, and we didn’t want to stigmatize that.”

Their eclecticism even extends to selling skeins of wool and knitting needles for “stitch and bitch” sessions, to be held, like all the workshops, in a private room at the back of the shop.

Amy Sedgwick, 28, an occupational therapist, former wellness counsellor at Bridgepoint Hospital, mother of a toddler and trained personal coach, will lead group sessions and offer private coaching.

She specializes in the Justisse holistic fertility awareness and management method (, which promotes “body literacy.”

That’s also a founding concept of Red Tent Sisters, along with “the red tent aspect.”

Explains Kimberley, about the store’s name based on the book by Anita Diamant, “It’s a place for women to gather, where women can feel comfortable and be supportive of each other.”

Although Diamant was not contacted about the store’s name, she’s delighted to hear about it.

Speaking from her home in Boston, she says her book has inspired women’s centres, retreats and therapy practices all over the world. “I’m flattered and honoured,” she says.

“I get emails asking permission but they don’t have to. You can’t copyright a title.”

She adds, “Please tell the women opening the store I wish them the best of luck and if I’m ever in town I’ll visit.”

• Red Tent Sisters also runs Canada’s first green online sex store at

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