Sex, apparently, is best when it’s golden. A Saudi Arabian businessman ordered what is believed to be the world’s most expensive “male enhancement device.” The penis enlarger is made of solid gold and decked out with jewels.

“At first we didn’t take the order seriously,” Rick Oh tells Metro. “We often get unusual requests, but then the customer doesn’t pay the deposit.

So when this Saudi Arabian man paid the deposit of $20,000 we took the order very seriously.”

Oh is the co-owner of Montreal-based X4 Labs, which manufactures “male enhancement pills,” penis enlargement kits, penis exercise pumps — and the penis enlarger, which the Saudi businessman ordered.

Since introducing the enlarger in 2001, estimates Oh, X4 Labs has sold 20,000 units. “It’s a very popular product,” says Oh. “Our customers are typically men who want to be bigger. In truth, most men wouldn’t mind having a bit more, and we have models that accommodate all budgets.”

Though models typically cost between $200 and $400, X4 Labs believes there’s a market for vastly more expensive versions.

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