At 90 years old, Save The Children is the longest-running children’s charity in the world. Since its early efforts in war-torn Europe, the organization has worked to help disadvantaged children.

“We know how to save children’s lives, but we realize that many people around the world assume that children in these unfortunate circumstances will always die, and that’s just the way it goes,” said David Morley, president and CEO of Save The Children Canada. “We want to change attitudes so that people will start to think that children dying in a foreign country is just as outrageous as it would be if they were dying at the same rate in Canada.”

That’s why Save The Children has launched a new online campaign, Every One. The campaign is designed to educate the masses about suffering children in India, China, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Haiti while also giving people an opportunity to reach out and support children in these regions.

“If we concentrate all of our money and resources we can save one million lives per year,” Morley said. “But we know that with a little more support we could save another six million lives per year.”

Every One is a means of raising this extra money. It’s the first online initiative for the organization and will allow people worldwide to donate money through the website and cellphone texting.

The challenges the organization faces might seem insurmountable, but Morley says it’s nowhere near impossible.

“We know how to save these children, but it’s going to take more than just us,” he said.
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