TORONTO - A Lotto Max jackpot winner has some advice for any potential winners of Friday night's record $95 million in lottery prize money.

Don't go on a wild spending spree or change your life too much — as hard as that might be.

Donald MacDonald, who's retired from the treasury department of the Canadian Pacific Railway, is enjoying the $10-million jackpot he won back in March.

His suggestion for anyone with champagne wishes and caviar dreams should they strike it rich Friday? Just cool it.

"Try not to change your way of life. Just live the same life, have the same friends, do the same things, don't try to change everything," he said Thursday.

"If you change everything you're going to miss a lot along the way, I think."

After his win, two or three banks approached him about handling his money but he stuck with his own bank in the end. He said they all offered the same advice.

"The banks in particular were very good at telling you not to waste your money, to just go along and use it as needed."

The 78-year-old Oakville, Ont., resident — who's single — has pretty much taken that advice. He has renovated his bathrooms and is redoing the kitchen. He also plans to go to Europe in August, a trip he has been putting off for at least a decade.

MacDonald, who was an NHL goal judge in the 1960s, recently donated a signed puck from Maurice Richard to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

He has been contacted by distant relatives but they only phoned to congratulate him, he said.

"I'm very, very happy by the lack of people who've tried to hit me up for a loan."

The Lotto Max jackpot is at the maximum $50 million for the third straight week, and there are 45 Maxmillion draws worth $1 million each.

Ticket sales are up 35 per cent across the country compared to last week, said Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. spokeswoman Sarah Kiriliuk.

Because there are so many draws, the winning numbers might not be available by 5 a.m. ET Saturday when some retailers open, she said.

People planning to stay up all night to see if they're the country's newest millionaire might want to sleep in, she added.

In February, one ticket each in Quebec and B.C. split a $50-million Lotto Max draw while Marie Fontaine of Pine Falls, Man., won the $50-million jackpot last November.

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