A West Vancouver hair salon is sending hair clippings to the Gulf of Mexico where it’s being used to help absorb oil from a major ocean spill.

A stylist from Hennessey Salon and Spa in Park Royal South received an email from Matter of Trust, an eco-friendly public charity, asking people to donate hair, fur or nylons.

“(Our stylist) told me about the hair booms that you can make. The hair soaks up the oil,” said Krystal Harrison, a manager at Hennessey. “There’s no point in throwing (clippings) away when we can be doing something positive with it.”

With one garbage bag full from the last few days, the salon emailed Matter of Trust to confirm their involvement in the drive for hair clippings until May 31.

Harrison said all five of Hennessey’s locations are now donating to the cause.

“We are encouraging anybody, any salon to jump onboard to go ahead with it to help the good cause,” said Harrison.

“(People) are getting a service that they would normally be getting anyway, but they get to actually help with the relief effort ... it’s sort of a double-edged sword.”

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