A school board initiative to offer more nutritional foods to students in schools was officially adopted yesterday but an official said it’s just the preliminary phase.

Calgary Board of Education spokesperson Ted Flitton told Metro the policy is actually part a three-year plan to phase healthier food choices into local schools.

“It began today (Monday) in effect, but what really begins is the task of talking to schools and finding out what are their challenges and ideas to help us implement the changes,” Flitton said, adding there are 219 schools in the public system that need to be consulted.


“We’re not trying to only offer celery and broccoli in our vending machines, but maybe a low-fat chip or things that are a little more nutritional than usual. But we still would like to offer some of those fun foods, too.”

Flitton said it will take about three years before the implementation of the new policy will fully be in effect.


Food policy

  • The new policy outlines that schools must target to offer 80 per cent of the more nutritional choices of food and 20 per cent of “junk food.”

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