The latest round of contract turmoil in Nova Scotia came to the fore this weekend as school board workers voted overwhelmingly to support strike action.

CUPE support staff in seven school districts across the province, but not including Halifax, voted 91 per cent in favour of giving their bargaining committee the power to call a strike.

Union spokeswoman Kathy MacLeod said workers hope to avoid a strike and see it as a last resort. But she said the strike vote is a strong message from workers that they want a fair deal from their new contract.


The 3,700 CUPE workers have been working under a contract that expired March 31, 2007. After filing notice, the workers could be in a legal strike position within 14 days.

Last month, final-hour negotiations between the Nova Scotia Community College and its faculty and support resulted in an agreement and prevented a last-minute strike of more than 900 workers.

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