Re: "People should mix with other groups":


As a high school student, I’ve noticed in the past few years that a lot of students form "cliques" where people tend to hang out with their own ethnic group.



Of course this is not wrong but it would be great for a change that these people mix with other groups. This is so that they are not just hanging out with certain types of people, but instead a wide variety of people.

When discussing this issue in class, a student had said that the only reason schools have cliques is because of the semester system.

According to the student, since there are only four subjects per semester, there is not a wide variety of people to hang out with in comparison to a non-semester school with eight subjects. Hence, there are more chances of cliques being formed.

Our school has started a club where everyone is able to learn about each other’s cultures, beliefs, and languages. Everyone gets to know one another and each other’s country.

There should be clubs like this in all schools.

Again, I am not saying that cliques are bad, but when everyone mingles, we learn a lot more about everyone around us and learn how to appreciate them much more.