In a few short weeks, Dalhousie student McCollins Jones will be returning home to Sierra Leone to see his dream realized.

Jones is the driving force behind School in a Box, a program which will outfit a school in his native land.

A container loaded with computers, sports equipment, shoes, books, clothing and bedding was shipped out yesterday and is expected to arrive in Freetown in mid-August.

The Science and Management student has been working towards this moment since arriving in Canada in 2005. He collected donations the old fashioned way, by asking people.

Jones says he can’t wait to see the impact he’s made on more than 400 students.

“I just can’t wait to see their faces,” he said. “I feel that I am making my own contribution towards the development of the country.”

Two schools
• The donations collected by McCollins Jones will outfit two schools in Sierra Leone.

• One school is in a village outside of the city where Dalhousie alumni Rugi Jalloh has a connection.

• The other is the Lawab-Boyd Elementary School in Freetown.

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