Students and staff at a Toronto-area high school breathed a collective sigh of relief yesterday at word that one of their own had awakened from a coma following a deadly hos­tage-taking drama in the Philippines two mon­ths ago.

Members of Bronte College had been sending messages and well-wishes to Jason Leung, 18, as he lay in a Hong Kong hospital recovering from serious head injuries.

The teen was injured Aug. 23 when a disgruntled former police officer opened fire on passengers aboard a tour bus in Manila, killing eight people, including Leung’s father and two sisters.

Yesterday, hospital staff said Leung had not only regained consciousness, but was able to speak, remembered his name and recognized his mother.

Diane Finlay, principal of the school from which Leung graduated in June, said word of his recovery will be welcome news to the school’s staff and students, who have been sending T-shirts, teddy bears and recorded “get well” messages to the surviving family members.

“I’m just so relieved that he’s wakened up,” Finlay said.

“It sounds like he has a long road to travel, but we’re encouraged. I’ve met his mother. She’s a lovely woman, and it must be so wonderful to her, after suffering so much, to know her son can recognize her.”

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