Nova Scotia’s public school students are becoming more skilled when it comes to reading, writing and arithmetic, according to a report released by the provincial government Thursday.


But newly appointed Education Minister Marilyn More also acknowledges that there’s still room for improvement, particularly when it comes to teaching children how to crunch numbers.


“While we are headed in the right direction with mathematics, we still have work to do to help students become more successful,” she said in a news release.


The 2008 Minister’s Report to Parents and Guardians, available at, breaks down provincial math and literacy assessments both by school board and by school. But overall, the report shows that some students are struggling in math, particularly in basic Grade 12 math.


Only 51 per cent of students passed the Mathematics 12 Nova Scotia Examination, while just 43 per cent passed the French version of that test, the news release says. While those scores are low, they represent a jump up from last year’s results, when a mere 26 per cent of Grade 12 students passed the English test and only 33 per cent passed Mathematiques 12.

“These assessments give us valuable information on how well our students are performing, where they require additional support, and where we can best direct our investments,” More said.