They watch So You Think You Can Dance as homework.

They create dance routines in the park and plan group choreography for a mystery piece of music.

Not a bad way to earn a high school credit.

The panting, sweating teens working the stage one July afternoon are part of the first crop of students to study in this cutting-edge North York arts school without having to suffer the brutal audition.

In the first summer school ever offered at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, everyone is welcome and Camila Gamboa is still pinching herself.

“No one believes me that I’m coming to summer school for dance class and getting the last credit I need to finish high school,” said the 17-year-old student at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School.

From mirrored dance studios to band classrooms and musical computer labs, 310 students from the GTA are earning credits this summer in everything from dance and drama to singing and film, band, photography and composing music, says Carter guidance teacher Blair Duckwort.

Duckworth said he will have room for nearly twice as many students next summer.