If children’s safety isn’t enough, hitting the wallet should get motorists to slow down in school zones.

With the start of the school year only a few weeks away, the province is handing out free roadside signs warning motorists to slow down or face a hefty fine.

“We’re making them available to every municipality,” said Bill Estabrooks, minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, as he brought out a sign in Prospect Thursday.

“They’re free for the asking.”

He added double-the-fine signs are pretty effective.

“It’s an attention grabber that fines double in school zones. That gets people’s attention,” he said.

Crossing guard and union representative Glenna Casavechia said speeding vehicles around school children is an ongoing problem, and not just in September.

“For a number of years the cars are going too fast and the crossing guards are complaining,” she said.