Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lawyer is vehemently denying a report in the National Enquirer claiming the former California governor allegedly used his security detail in an inappropriate manner.

“Today’s story from the National Enquirer is totally and completely false,” read the statement from Martin Singer. “Unfortunately, the media’s relentless desire for new information has some outlets running stories that are made up by paying sources that have zero credibility.

“My client stated from the beginning that he takes full responsibility for his actions and deserves the public and media criticism. This does not entitle some in the media to be totally irresponsible.”

A statement from Mark Hammond, a retired police officer who worked as part of Schwarzenegger’s security team, read: “I can say without a shadow of a doubt as a supervisor of his protective detail that at no time did I see Governor Schwarzenegger say or do anything that could be deemed inappropriate, and I was at his side for seven years. As a supervisor, if anything had occurred, I would have been notified, even if it was technically off the record on his private time.”

Meanwhile, reported that California’s attorney general is investigating Schwarzenegger for alleged misuse of taxpayer funds.

A press spokesperson for Attorney General Kamala D. Harris would neither confirm nor deny the existence of an inquiry, stating “I’ll have to get back to you if something comes up.”