Scientists at Mount Allison University in Sackville, N.B. are helping determine the age of what is thought to be the world’s oldest hockey stick, originally from Cape Breton.


Colin Laroque, head of the dendrochronology lab at Mount Allison, said tree ring-aging is being used to compare the hockey stick to living trees near North Sydney. The stick is made of sugar maple originally from the Pottle’s Lake area dating back to the 1800s.


Bill Fitsell, a historian for the International Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum in Kingston, Ont., described the stick earlier this year as the best example of a mid-1800s hockey stick, citing documentation that suggests its original owner was W.M. Moffatt of North Sydney, who was born in 1829 and whose family had a homestead on Pottle’s Lake.


The stick’s current owner, Mark Presley of Berwick has said the stick might even date back earlier, into the late 1700s.

Presley bought the stick in 2008 from a retired barber in North Sydney, who had displayed it in his shop for more than 30 years.