It’s a cheeky idea — bus shelter ads that use the familiar TTC logo to suggest there might be a better way to travel than the Red Rocket.

The TTC, however, is taking seriously a marketing campaign that makes liberal use of the familiar red transit agency shield to sell motorized scooters.

The logo has been altered and appears over the words “Take the Kymco.” The bus shelter ads also refer to a website on which the same altered logo appears on a subway station sign.

That is an infringement of the TTC’s copyright, says spokesman Brad Ross.

Upon learning of the ads yesterday, transit officials contacted the city — which is responsible for bus shelter ads — requesting the posters be removed. And its lawyers are drafting letters to the advertiser, the Toronto dealership for Kymco scooters.

The TTC, which controls the ads that appear on its own property, won’t permit marketing that suggests people not take transit, said Brad Ross.