Massive growth in recent popularity

This must be what a bee feels like in the middle of a swarm.


But the view from the back seat of Tim Susnar’s 500cc Piaggio wasn’t just of almost 100 moto scooters buzzing colourfully around Queen’s Park Circle, drawing smiles, waves and cheers from passing cars and pedestrians. What people were seeing could be the future of transportation in Toronto.


Ten years ago, a single scooter in the city could have stopped traffic. Now, they’re everywhere. The organizers of Saturday’s first Twisted Wheel rally aim to make it an annual event.


“The growth is exponential,” said Benny Chang, a family physician and official of the Toronto Moto Scooter Club. “Scooters make so much sense in a place like Toronto. Look at any Italian city. It’s hard to get a car downtown. All you see are scooters and mopeds. You can’t beat them for commuting.”


Women buyers

  • Sales are booming with women making up half of buyers, says Doug Goss who owns Motoretta, an east-end dealership.